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Code Compliance Division

Post Date:04/07/2017 1:43 PM

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Code Compliance Division

• What does the Code Compliance Division do?
The Code Compliance Division represents one of three divisions in the City of Wenatchee Community Development Department. Code Compliance personnel work collaboratively with a wide range of partners, including: residents, businesses, property owners, community leaders and organizations, City boards and
departments, elected officials and governmental agencies. Through Code Compliance’s efforts and successful partnerships, the City of Wenatchee enjoys improved health, safety, quality of life and economic stability.
The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the enforcement of city codes, in compliance with Title 16 of the Wenatchee City Code.

How are City codes enforced?
Code Compliance Officers respond to complaints and conduct citywide proactive inspections. Upon identification of a code violation, a Code Compliance Officer will attempt to make verbal contact with the property owner, tenant or responsible party and educate him/her on the applicable city code. In instances where a verbal warning cannot be made, a door-hanger warning is left on the premises or a written warning is mailed to the responsible party.
A reasonable period of time is provided to correct the offense. A re-inspection is conducted in order to verify compliance. A notice of code violation is issued in instances of continued noncompliance. At this time, a final deadline is established and the responsible party is notified of their right to appeal to the City of Wenatchee Code Enforcement Board. Code Compliance Officers have the ability to enter into a voluntary correction agreement at any time until the Code Enforcement Board's Hearing date. Most code violations are resolved quickly once the responsible party is notified.

• What is the goal of the Code Compliance Division?
The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to obtain voluntary compliance through education as opposed to being punitive. While most concerns are quickly corrected by the responsible party, in some cases it is necessary to issue notices of code violations or an infraction due to continued and/or repetitive noncompliance. These matters are heard before the Code Enforcement Board.

• What constitutes a complaint?
The category “complaint” is broad. Aside from private citizens, the “complaint” category also includes City departments and commissions such as: Police, Public Works Department, Planning, Utilities and City Hall.

• What is voluntary compliance?
Voluntary compliance is obeying a particular rule or law, acting according to an agreement without being forced to. In a particular situation the person complies with government’s request before it becomes an order.

• How effective is voluntary compliance?
Of the 430 cases resolved in 2016, 75% were resolved through voluntary compliance (including Notices of Code Violation, Voluntary Correction Agreements). 22 of the resolved cases in 2016 were heard before the Code Enforcement Board, representing 5% of the cases. The Board affirmed the City's decision in all 22 of these cases.

• What are overall results of code compliance issues?
Of the 446 cases received in 2016, 37% of the cases originated from citizen complaints, while staff-initiated complaints accounted for 63%. These numbers indicate that staff is being proactive in identifying code compliance issues and responding promptly, prior to receiving a complaint.

• How can I submit a complaint?

If you would like to submit a compliant you can do so by visiting our website at wenatcheewa.gov and click on the orange circle, report a problem.