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Online Crime Mapping Available to the Public

Post Date:05/19/2017 2:46 PM

The Wenatchee Police Department has recently subscribed to a data mapping system offered through CrimeReports.com. From the CrimeReports.com website users can view information regarding recent law enforcement activity in our city plotted on a map. The default view displays a map showing icons representing the last three days of call activity. Users can zoom in on any portion of the map to see a neighborhood or other smaller area of the city as well.

Finally, users will also see clickable mini-trend charts covering their selected period that sort the data into categories – Violent crime, Property crime, Quality of Life crime, and 911 or Other calls.

Filter options allow users to customize the data they see by call type, date, and time of day. Users can also choose the specific incident types represented on the map as well and even registered sex offender data from the statewide database.

Shortly after midnight each day call information is uploaded from our records management system to CrimeReports.com. The last six months of this data is available online. For the sake of victim privacy, some incident types are not displayed. Addresses have been rounded to the block number and times are approximate to protect victim privacy. The calls displayed in this software are based on the call type generated by Rivercom. As reports are completed and other information is entered into the calls, some call types will change. While the data presented here does not include every call for service and contact Officers make every day, it is a representation of the calls for service handled over a rolling six month window.

This online crime mapping project is meant to help residents, employees, and visitors to the Wenatchee area understand what it going on in the City of Wenatchee and to help those same people see just what their Wenatchee Police Department is doing from day to day.

The map can be accessed directly at www.wenatcheewa.gov/government/police/crime-in-our- community or through www.crimereports.com and searching for “Wenatchee.”