Human Resources

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Our focus is employee relations and management. We develop and administer programs designed to increase the City’s effectiveness through its hiring and benefit process, polices and procedures, employee training and labor negotiations.

Key functions of the Human Resources (HR) Department include:

  • Recruitment and Hiring: Employee selection includes identifying the qualifications for every job, conducting interviews, tests and reference checks, as well as adherence to applicable labor law.
  • Classification: Jobs must have titles, descriptions, pay ranges, qualifications, and job-performance standards. Working with managers, HR helps decide which classifications are needed and that positions are correctly assigned.
  • Compensation: Salaries and benefits are set to attract and retain qualified employees. HR conducts salary surveys and oversees salary administration to maintain appropriate compensation programs.
  • Benefits: HR develops and manages the City’s benefit programs for healthcare, life insurance, vacation, sick leave, holidays, etc. These programs represent a substantial dollar amount dedicated to providing security for our employees and their families.
  • Performance Planning and Review: In addition to regular on-the-job feedback, every employee participates in an annual performance review. The performance discussion is a two-way process where each employee reviews his/her immediate supervisor and the supervisor reviews each employee. It is our goal to provide excellent service to our external customers, the citizens of Wenatchee, as well as our internal customers, City of Wenatchee employees.
  • Labor Relations: The City has the following two bargaining units: The Wenatchee Police Guild and the Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) #846. HR represents the City in contract negotiations for these unions. In addition we have a group of non-represented employees in administrative and management positions.
  • Legal Compliance: The HR staff works closely with employment law experts to comply with wage issues, collective bargaining, equal opportunity, affirmative action, discrimination, harassment, disabilities, medical claims, worker compensation, benefits administration and more. We work with management staff and other employees to ensure the City’s decisions and actions are within established boundaries and represent the City in administrative claims and appeals. Much of our time is devoted to counseling and training on employment regulations.
  • Safety: The safety of our employees is a top priority for the City of Wenatchee. Federal and state law heavily regulates worker safety and we consult with Labor & Industries personnel and other agencies to understand and comply with the protections offered through such regulations. The City Safety Program has established rules for accident reporting, investigation, and claims management. Employees receive job training regarding personal protective equipment, safe work methods and safe work environments. In addition, employees attend regular safety meetings within their own work group.

If you have questions regarding Human Resources, please email Human Resources at, or call (509) 888-6208.