Engineering Division

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Engineering and Traffic

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department focuses on providing service to a wide variety of clients. The goal of the Engineering Division is to provide effective and efficient service in order to ensure all City infrastructure is operating efficiently and in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Services are provided directly to the public, other local and state agencies, the development community, and other City departments. The Engineering Division consists of personnel who are specialized in civil engineering and contract management. A detailed list of services provided is as follows:

  • Engineering support for the domestic water supply, sanitary sewer system, and storm water systems operations
  • Capital planning of City infrastructure including streets, storm water, sanitary sewer, and domestic water
  • Design of City-wide capital projects
  • Administers street maintenance and preservation programs
  • Management of City right-of-ways
  • Administers and monitors right-of-way permits
  • Mapping of City streets, storm sewer system, sanitary sewer system, domestic water distribution and current new development
  • Maintains and updates records of City infrastructure
  • Administers capital facilities construction projects
  • Provides and updates City development standards
  • Engineering support for traffic signals and illumination systems
  • Cooperates with other governmental agencies
  • Participant in the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Provides engineering support for the operation of the Regional Water System
  • Grant and loan administration
  • Inspection services
  • Serves as a liaison between citizens, private contractors, other City departments/divisions, as well as other agencies
  • Provides traffic modeling and traffic counts
  • Manages and coordinates with franchise utilities
  • Provides plan review for private development