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Hale Park Phase One
The City successfully applied for a grant from the Washington State Recreation Conservation Funding Board in 2014 for this phase of the project.  The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin on April 10, 2017 with an opening anticipated around Memorial Day weekend.  The first phase will include construction of the primary elements of the off leash recreation area, parking, installation of utilities and creating a landscaped area for picnicking.  Work is currently underway on grant applications to fund the second phase.  If successful, phase two would commence in 2018 and include construction of a picnic shelter, restrooms, play equipment and skate area.

Saddle Rock Gateway Project
The City successfully applied for a grant from the Washington State Recreation Conservation Funding Board in 2014 for the first phase of the project.  The top ranked project will address current parking and other use issues by creating improved parking, restrooms and seating areas.  The first phase of construction is underway with an opening anticipated around Memorial Day weekend.  During construction visitors to Saddle Rock are asked to avoid the area as parking will limited to Miller Street.  Saddle Rock may be accessed instead from the number two canyon side.

Centennial Park Mural
Led by the efforts of the Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group, Marlin Peterson will be creating a new mural on the wall of the parking area in Centennial Park.  The educational mural will depict the stages in the life cycle of salmon.  The project began during the summer of 2017 and will be completed in the spring of 2018.  

Lincoln Park Projects
Due to age related issues the stage in Lincoln Park was removed in May 2016.  Final engineering is underway to replace the stage backdrop, renovate the restrooms to allow for year round use, replace the picnic shelter and incorporate ADA improvements to the stage and picnic shelter.  A new sidewalk and lighting will also be added along the park eastern boundary on South Mission Street.  The projects are anticipated to be under construction in late spring or early summer 2017.  

Kiwanis Methow Park Project
The Trust for Public Land is leading an effort to renovate Kiwanis Methow Park.  They are currently preparing final concept plans and applying for grant funding to implement the designs. The first phase of the renovation project is scheduled to be implemented in 2019.  Work will include adding restrooms, kiosko, accessibility improvements, landscaping, skate features and multi-use athletic areas.

Locomotive Park Picnic Table Project
Permanent picnic tables are going to be added to Locomotive Park later this Summer. 

Washington Park
A new drinking fountain will be installed in the park.

Rotary Park Play Area Sun Shade Project
A canopy structure that will span the children's play area has been ordered and is awaiting installation.  It is anticipated that this project will be completed before summer 2017.