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Assessment of Fair Housing

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FAIR HOUSING: In addition to combating discrimination, fair housing is about individuals and families having the information, opportunity and options to live where they choose without unlawful discrimination. Fair housing encompasses:

  • ACTUAL CHOICE: the existence of realistic housing options
  • PROTECTED CHOICE: housing can be accessed without discrimination
  • ENABLED CHOICE: realistic access to sufficient information regarding options for informed choices

In partnership, the City of Wenatchee, City of East Wenatchee and the Housing Authority are developing a regional Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). The AFH is designed to identify fair housing issues, determine factors that significantly contribute to identified issues and develop a plan to overcome them. Local, regional and national data has been analyzed in the following areas:

  1. Segregation / Integration
  2. Racially / Ethnically Concentrated Areas of Poverty (R/ECAPs)
  3. Disparities in Access to Opportunity
  4. Disproportionate Housing Needs
  5. Publicly Supported Housing
  6. Disabilities and Access
  7. Fair Housing Enforcement, Outreach, Capacity and Resources

This survey will help identify contributing factors that need to be prioritized. It will also help establish relevant goals for addressing these fair housing issues in our communities throughout the Chelan and Douglas area.

Please indicate the community you live in. If you do not reside in either Chelan or Douglas county, please indicate which community you are connected to as a stakeholder.
Please indicate which sector(s) you represent relative to fair housing. (Select all that apply)
Please indicate which sector(s) you represent relative to fair housing. (Select all that apply)

Please rank the following HUD identified contributing factors on a scale from 1-10 with:

"1" identifying a top significant contributing factor and a priority to address

"10" identifying an insignificant contributing factor and not a priority to address

The OTHER box is an option to add any contributing factor(s) that need to be prioritized and are not identified by HUD.

Provide a rating between 1-10
Community Opposition
Lack of community revitalization strategies
Lack of regional cooperation
Lack of private investments in specific neighborhoods
Deteriorated and abandoned properties
Lack of public investments in specific neighborhoods, including services or amenities
Inaccessible government facilities or services
Access to proficient schools; supported housing; and transportation for persons with disabilities
Availability, type, frequency and reliability of public transportation
Impediments to mobility
Land use and zoning laws
Location of environmental health hazards
Occupancy codes and restrictions
Access to financial services
Source of income discrimination
Private discrimination
Location and type of affordable housing
Availability of affordable housing units in a range of sizes
Quality of affordable housing information programs
Lack of public fair housing agencies and organizations
Lack of resources for fair housing agencies and organizations
Lack of affordable, in-home, or community-based supportive services
Lack of affordable, integrated housing for individuals who need supportive services
Lack of assistance for housing accessibility modifications
Unresolved violations of fair housing or civil rights laws
Lack of assistance for transitioning from institutional settings to integrated housing
Admissions and occupancy policies and procedures, including preferences, in publicly supported housing
Siting selection policies, practices and decisions for publicly supported housing; including discretionary aspects of Qualified Application Plans and other programs
Regulatory barriers to providing housing and supportive services for persons with disabilities
State or local laws, policies or practices that discourage individuals with disabilities from being placed, or living, in apartments, family homes and other integrated settings
Location of employers
Location of proficient schools and school assignment policies
OTHER - please list in the box below

Evaluation of local and regional data, plans and stakeholder engagement has produced overarching themes related to fair housing issues including:

  • Housing cost and availability is driven by the market
  • Infrastructure resources and services are limited in availability and accessibility
  • Access to education, employment and opportunity
  • Dynamic between city residents, county residents, landlords and second home owners
  • Social services have limitations related to location and resources
  • Civic engagement and community-supported solutions can make a difference
Based on the themes above and your prioritized contributing factors, would the following three (3) goals address necessary fair housing issues in the Chelan-Douglas area? Please indicate Yes or No.
Based on the themes above and your prioritized contributing factors, would the following three (3) goals address necessary fair housing issues in the Chelan-Douglas area? Please indicate Yes or No.
Yes No
Goal #1: Support and implement housing policies and programs that increase available housing units and housing unit options.
Goal #2: Increase access to housing services and supportive housing options for vulnerable populations
Goal #3: Provide education for and support enforcement of fair housing rights and responsibilities with renters, property managers and home owners.

Please use this box to:

  1. Elaborate on any "No" responses to the question above. If able, please provide a revised or newly suggested goal that would meet your expectations.
  2. Suggest any additional goals for the Chelan Douglas area that would address fair housing issues

Please share any additional thoughts related to fair housing.

If you have any questions, you can contact Brooklyn Holton, Housing & Community Planner, at or (509) 888-3258.


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