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Political Signs Inside the City Limits of Wenatchee

Post Date:03/08/2018

Dear interested party,

It is election time again and this letter is intended to provide you information on the City sign Ordinance. The City Ordinance, adopted in Chapter 10.50 of the Wenatchee City Code states:

1. Temporary political signs not exceeding 32 square feet are allowed in the Central Business District, the North & South Wenatchee Business Districts, the Waterfront Mixed Use, Industrial, or Neighborhood Commercial zones.

2. Signs 6 square feet or less are allowed in all other zones.

3. Signs must be removed within 7 days of the election.

4. Signs may not impede vehicular or pedestrian views on corners (clear view triangle).

5. Signs are not permitted in the City Right-of-Way, on public property, or public utility poles.

Enclosed is a graphic depicting the size of political signs that may be installed temporarily in accordance with the Wenatchee City Code. If you would like to read the

Wenatchee City Code that was adopted by ordinance, it is located at www.wenatcheewa.gov , Wenatchee City Code Chapter 10.50. Thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions about signs in the City of Wenatchee please call 509-888-3256 for further explanation if needed.


City of Wenatchee Community Development Department


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