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The following is a list of RFPs or RFQs at the City.

Park Surveying

  • Start Date:02/21/2019 2:59 PM
  • Close Date:TBD

The City of Wenatchee is selecting surveying firms from the MRSC Architectural and Engineering
roster in order to obtain survey services. The project involves topographical and utility survey of
seven city park areas.

Project Description

This project will include completing a topographical and utility survey of a portion or all of the
following parks:

1. Chase Park (145 South Delaware Street) – Survey of the entire park using the back of
existing sidewalk (edge of sidewalk farthest from the street) as perimeter.
2. Kenzie’s Landing (Parcel # 232032200060) – This is the site of a future trailhead. Limits
of the survey are as follows: The north ridge line to the bottom of the drainage then along
the property boundaries on the east, south and west sides as shown by hatching in the
attached drawing.
3. Hale Park (720 South Worthen Street) – Survey will need to be completed after the
construction of the skate park. This is estimated to occur no later than mid-July. The
purpose of this work is to provide data to be able to design the landscaping/finish work
around the skate park. The limits of this survey are the parking lot to the north, the Apple
Capital Recreation Loop Trail to the east, the fence along BNSF property to the west and
the pedestrian bridge to the south.
4. Memorial Park (2 South Chelan Avenue) - Survey the entire park using the back of existing
sidewalk as perimeter.
5. Washington Park (120 South Miller Street) – The limit of this survey is from the centerline
of Wilson Street east to the west edge of the picnic shelter. The north and south limit is
the boundary of the park.
6. Okanogan Park Site (214 Okanogan Avenue) – The limit of this survey is the property line
on the south and top back of curb for the remainder of the perimeter of the park.
7. Lincoln Park (1410 South Mission) – Survey the entire park. The limit of this survey is the
top back of curb around the perimeter of the park. We do not need the play set surveyed
in detail, just the perimeter of the play equipment is required.

Please see attached maps for limits of each parks’ survey. The survey work for this RFP includes
providing an AutoCAD drawing providing detailed topographic and utility survey information for
the area denoted on the enclosed drawings. Shots shall be taken at a minimum of 25 foot intervals.
This drawing will require a one-call notification. Additionally, the utility information provided
shall include all private utilities including water main as well as rim and invert elevations for any
storm and sanitary sewer within the limits of the survey. The project budget is $22,000. Scope
may be refined based on negotiations post award.

Project Schedule
Chase Park AutoCAD drawing will need to be delivered to the City within 21 days of issue of
Notice to Proceed. Work associated with Lincoln Park shall not commence until the City gives
notice to proceed for that portion of the work – the funding for that portion is pending award from
the state which is expected to occur late summer 2019. The other five parks can be surveyed in
whichever order the consultant prefers. All work shall be completed no later than December 31,

Selection Criteria
Submittals are limited to 5 typewritten pages, not including covers or resumes included in the
submittal appendix. Submit a pdf via email.
Submittals shall provide the following information:
1. Proximity of existing control to project.
2. Experience using City of Seattle CAD standards.
3. Proposal for completing the project within the allotted schedule.
4. Description of personnel and equipment resources to be utilized.

For questions, contact Charlotte Mitchell, Project Engineer at (509) 888-3662 or

Submit Proposals electronically by 3:00 p.m., Wednesday February 27nd to Charlotte
Mitchell at
cmitchell@wenatcheewa.gov. No submittal or supplemental information will be
considered after this time.

The City intends to contract with the selected firm using the City’s Standard Consultant
Agreement. The final agreement will incorporate the agreed upon scope of work, responsibilities,
deliverables and schedule.

Deliverable Product
The data shall be based on NAD 83 Washington State Plan North Zone (USFT) Horizontal
Datum and NAVD 88 Geoid 12B Vertical Datum and shall use City of Seattle CAD standards.
1. Survey base map compatible with Civil 3D. This shall include point file.
2. A surface model of each location compatible with Civil 3D.
3. Surveyor certified copy of the topography survey field book in pdf format.











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