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Neighborhood Programs

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Spring Flowers WenatcheeIt has been said that the health of a community is evidenced in its citizen involvement. The City of Wenatchee is proud of our community and the spirit of volunteerism that has made our area a wonderful place to live. Through this cooperative spirit, the City encourages groups of citizens to come together to actively partner in improving our neighborhoods, and to plan for the long-range health of our community – neighborhood by neighborhood.

Background: In 1998, the City of Wenatchee began investigating successes enjoyed by other communities that were actively promoting citizen involvement in the planning process for neighborhoods. We pulled together elements of successful neighborhood planning programs, and spent some time asking groups of citizens, as well as our employees, what services the City could provide to encourage area residents to work together in neighborhood groups. The success of these efforts is a testament to the pride felt by City residents.

As a result of this City-wide cooperative effort, a list of services has been developed to help inspire the various stakeholders to take an active role in neighborhood planning and enhancements. To build upon these efforts, we have pulled together written resources, and links for more information to further this grassroots effort:

  • Services
    This page offers a complete list of services the City can provide to your group.
  • Printed Resources
    We offer various materials to assist in your organizing efforts, all designed to help connect you to the various resources available through the City.
  • Neighborhood Matching Grant (these grants are currently on hold pending an improvement in the City's budget)