Chip Seals 2019

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Project News

Chip sealing is now complete on all City streets as of 9/3/2019. Crews will continue work this week repairing any needed areas, sweeping streets and sidewalks, and cleaning manhole and inlet lids. Additional crews will begin re-striping the roadways during night-time hours. This work is anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks.

What to Expect
The City of Wenatchee is chip sealing nearly 15 miles of our streets this summer as part of ongoing pavement preservation efforts. The streets receiving a chip seal coat are illustrated in the map below. The work is anticipated to take place within the months of July & August, and specific dates for each individual street will be available on the website once the project is underway.

Chip Seal Map 


What is a chip seal?
A chip seal is a commonly used pavement preservation method in which liquid asphalt is sprayed on the existing pavement surface and followed by an application of aggregates (chips). Chip seals are designed to protect pavement by sealing small cracks and pores in the asphalt surface and preventing the intrusion of water and air. Chip seals are intended to protect what we have, extending the life of the existing pavement and cutting down on major repair costs.

Why are we using chip seals instead of overlays?
Chip seals are a more cost effective means for maintaining our roadways. A chip seal is 15%-20% the cost of an asphalt overlay. To stretch the City's budget, we are trying to preserve the good pavements we currently have on many of our main arterials and collectors.

What you need to know:
Streets being chip sealed may be fully or partially closed to traffic between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Expect delays on impacted streets.

Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes, slow down when driving through work areas, and obey construction signs and flaggers.

Door-hangers and No Parking signs will notify residents at least three days before chip seal applications. Please obey "No Parking" signs and do not leave your vehicle parked on the street until signs are removed (usually within 1 day).

QUESTIONS? For questions please contact: Jake Lewing, Project Engineer, 888-3221. Si tiene preguntas en español por favor comuníquese con la Funcionaria de Información Publica, Anna Alvarez al 888—3623. Si necesita ver esta información en español, por favor haga clic aquí.

Western Avenue Bike Lane and Striping Revisions
As part of this project, the City is changing the roadway striping on Western Avenue to enhance safety and improve access by extending turn lanes and bike lanes. For a graphic of the proposed Western Avenue striping click here.

To view a letter sent to all the affected neighbors in the area click here. To view the Spanish version of the letter click here.