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Confluence Parkway in Wenatchee

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Public Meeting Documents:

Confluence Parkway Presentation

Bridge Options



Public Meeting Presentation

Project Flyover North to South

Project Flyover South to North



ConfluenceConf 4

These paintings are provided with great thanks to Jan Cook Mack.  Jan provided an artistic representation of Confluence Parkway along the RR tracks and the new Wenatchee River Bridge. Click here to view full renderings.



Since the late 1990’s, the North Wenatchee Avenue corridor, From US 2 to 5th Street has been identified as deficient due to rising congestion levels and increasing demands to serve our regional hospital, high school, college, downtown business district, and numerous employment centers. It is currently the region’s primary traffic bottleneck affecting residents, businesses, and visitors throughout Chelan and Douglas counties. In 2011, the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council (CDTC) along with its partners developed the North Wenatchee Transportation Master Plan. This plan considered concepts to alleviate traffic concerns specifically in the North Wenatchee corridor. The effectiveness of each concept was analyzed for its ability to address; safety, highway mobility, urban accessibility, and economic impacts and benefits. Results of this analysis along with public input identified Confluence Parkway as the concept providing the most transportation benefit. Alternatives to Confluence Parkway, for example, adding additional lanes to North Wenatchee Avenue or extension of Western Avenue to Hwy 2, fall short of providing the current and future transportation solutions necessary to satisfy traffic demands in this important corridor.



Why is Confluence Parkway preferred?

  • Provides increased traffic capacity with an uninterrupted alternate route. Based on traffic analysis, Confluence Parkway provides additional traffic capacity to the North Wenatchee Area from approx. 40,000 cars a day to approximately 60,000 cars per day.

  • Confluence Parkway would provide direct connection to the US 97A – US 2 Interchange and Odabashian Bridge.

  • As identified in the 2011 Master Plan, increasing the number of lanes on North Wenatchee Avenue has a potential negative impact on the North Wenatchee Avenue Business District, does not meet future transportation demand and contributes to safety problems for traffic and pedestrians.

  • Confluence Parkway would provide another access route for emergency services and evacuation.

  • Confluence Parkway provides an opportunity to help us improve the Apple Capital Loop Trail and the Horan Natural Area to make our community better from an environmental, cultural and recreational standpoint.

  • Confluence Parkway is an important element of the Apple Capital Loop transportation system in that it addresses traffic congestion and freight flow ion the valley.

  • Confluence Parkway helps connect places of employment to residential areas an vice versa.

 For a detailed summary of the planning history and alternatives considered, click here.


With local and regional support the City of Wenatchee is taking the lead in addressing traffic congestion and safety challenges on North Wenatchee Avenue by advancing the Confluence Parkway concept. The parkway provides not only another route and bridge across the Wenatchee River, but also an un-interrupted, no traffic lights, parallel road into town.

The City understands this concept has important environmental implications to address. As such, the city is excited to be working with local stakeholders to include creative designs for addressing impacts. In addition, the NEPA process and in particular 4(f), will ensure that the impacts are minimal which offers the opportunity to enhance elements of this important resource through mitigation.


Confluence Parkway - "Early" Draft Concept




The City is embarking upon a very exciting opportunity to perform detailed environmental analysis as the next step in further understanding potential project impacts and determine how to mitigate and invest in enhancing the very important areas commonly known as Confluence Park, the Confluence of the Wenatchee River, the Horan Nature Trails, the Apple Capital Loop Trail, Olds Station, the North Miller and Walla Walla area. The City has hired KPG Engineering and Anchor QEA to assist in performing analysis. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a federal regulatory process that evaluates the relevant environmental effects of a project or action. It’s designed to incorporate agency and public review to ensure all project impacts are realized and taken into consideration during project development. Below is a list of some environmental topics that are assessed during NEPA.

  • Historic Preservation
  • Ecosystems and Vegetation Management
  • Environmental Justice
  • Section 4(f) Tutorial
  • Tribal Consultation
  • Water
  • Wildlife
  • Air
  • Noise

For a full list of environmental topics and more information on the NEPA process, visit - 

The City of Wenatchee, in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration and Washington State Department of Transportation, is seeking input on this very important environmental work for Confluence Parkway and would like all those interested to participate in helping make our community better!


 Updated Draft Concept



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 Helpful feedback can include - project support, concerns and ideas. Community feedback will improve this project!


Environmental Documentation (NEPA Docs):

NEPA Initiation Letter

Purpose and Needs

Appendix A of Pre NEPA - Previous Alternatives Considered

Pre NEPA Alternative Risk Analysis

Project Dashboard


Other Supporting Links and Documents:

North Wenatchee Transportation Master Plan (2011)

North Wenatchee Master Plan (2016)

2040 Regional Transportation Plan

Apple Capital Loop Grant Application Documents (Infrastructure for Rebuilding America)

North Wenatchee Avenue Project Website

Planning History and Alternatives Considered



Confluence Parkway Perspective

Aerial Scroll



On April 10th 2019 the City of Wenatchee hosted a public meeting to present and discuss this project. Click here for a copy of the presentation and here for a meeting summary.


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The City has begun the NEPA process and are working with consultants to collect information that will inform this analysis. The City continues to work with project stakeholders to inform design development.