Early 2019 Limited Code Amendments

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Early 2019 Limited Code Amendments
Public Notice

The City of Wenatchee intends to adopt amendments to Titles 1 Administration and Personnel, Title 9 Public Services, Title 10 Zoning, and Title 12 Environmental Protection.  The amendments include the following:

  • A new land surface modification code is proposed for adoption in Chapter 9.30 WCC; the existing grading code found in WCC2.04.010(1)(b), which is the local adoption of Appendix J of the International Building Code, is to be repealed; a new fee schedule is proposed for adoption in 1.99.020; the Construction and Post-Construction Stormwater code in WCC12.10 is proposed to be moved, with some modification, to WCC9.20.
  • Revision to 12.08.080(3) of the Wenatchee City Code to broaden the scope of the Critical Areas exemption to specifically include utility work on existing surfaces and rights-of-way or easements.
  • Revision to Section 10.10.020 District Use Chart of the Wenatchee City Code making “Restaurants, with drive-in or drive-through” a permitted use when established as part of the adaptive re-use of drive-in or drive-through facilities in existence as of the passage of the Ordinance.

The amendments were sent to the Washington State Department of Commerce, with a request for expedited review, as required by RCW 36.70A.106.  The comment period began on March 14, 2019 and if expedited review if granted, concludes on March 28, 2019.  The City of Wenatchee has issued a determination of non-significance (DNS) in compliance with RCW 43.21C.

The City of Wenatchee Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on April 17, 2019 at 5:30 PM in the Council Chambers of Wenatchee City Hall, 301 Yakima Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801 to consider the proposed amendments.   

If expedited review is granted, it is anticipated that the Wenatchee City Council will hold a public hearing on April 25, 2019 at 5:15 PM.

How Can I Participate?

Comments on the proposed amendment should be addressed to the Planning Division, City of Wenatchee, 1350 McKittrick Street, Suite A, Wenatchee, WA  98801.  Complete information and copies of the proposed revisions will be available at the above listed address during normal business hours or by calling 509-888-3256.

Available Documents:

Land Surface Modification Code with other related changes and Environmental Documents

Critical Areas Exemption and Environmental Documents

District Use Chart Modification - Drive-thru in HEO



Please contact Stephen Neuenschwander at: 509-888-3256 or by E-Mail at sneuenschwander@wenatcheewa.gov

or Matt Parsons at 509-888-3253 or by E-Mail at mparsons@wenatchewa.gov