Current Planning

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The Current Planning staff administers the City's zoning and subdivision codes and reviews building, land use, subdivision, and related applications. This primarily includes reviewing private development project applications to ensure consistency with the City’s comprehensive plan, zoning and subdivision codes, compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and other applicable laws and regulations.  Planning staff make professional recommendations to the Planning Commission, Hearings Examiner, and the City Council on submitted applications.

Services provided by Current Planning staff include:

  1. Coordinating pre-application meetings 
  2. Responding to zoning inquiries and zoning code interpretations
  3. Reviewing building, fence and sign permit applications for zoning code compliance
  4. Processing applications for short subdivision/short plats, major subdivisions, binding site plans, boundary line adjustments, conditional use permits, variance requests, planned developments, and zoning code text amendments
  5. Processing annexation petitions
  6. Reviewing City business license applications for zoning code compliance