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Human Resources

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The Human Resources Department’s mission is to provide quality, customer focused internal and external services to increase the City’s effectiveness by attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diverse workforce within a positive and supportive work environment.  Organizational development strategies are geared toward managing with heart and mind, building and maintaining a culture of excellence and positioning the City as an employer of choice. 

Key functions of the Human Resources (HR) Department:

Hiring and Retention: The employment process includes job analysis, job description development, compensation analysis, recruiting, applicant connections, interviews, tests, reference checks, offers of employment and on-boarding.  HR works closely with hiring officials by providing guidance and tools in selecting the right person that best fits the job and City culture.  We strive to hire dynamic, positive and motivated individuals that will contribute effectively to City goals as well as make a positive contributions to our work environment.  HR also provides tools necessary for our employees to be successful through training and development programs.  We sincerely appreciate all of our employees and recognize their hard work, dedication and many positive contributions to City success through retention initiatives.

Compensation and Benefits:  HR manages compensation programs and performs analysis of matching classifications in comparable cities to ensure administration of fair wages.  HR also manages health and welfare benefits, insurance and retirement programs as well as paid time off programs (vacation, sick leave, holidays, etc.).  These programs represent a substantial dollar amount dedicated to providing security for our employees and their families.

Performance Management: HR works closely with the City leadership team to ensure employee expectations are clearly communicated, constructive performance feedback is provided regularly and employees are held accountable for meeting performance expectations with a goal of ensuring excellence in service to our Citizens and each other.   In addition to regular on-the-job feedback, every employee participates in an annual performance review.

Labor Relations: HR is responsible for negotiating and administering two union contracts (The Wenatchee Police Guild and the Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees [AFSCME] #846).  The City also has a group of non-represented employees in management and administrative positions.

Legal Compliance: HR is well versed in employment law and is tasked with ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations.  HR also provides risk management services by devoting time to counseling and coaching City leadership and employees in best practices and to mitigate issues.

Safety: HR oversees the City-Wide Safety Committee.  HR works closely with Labor & Industries to ensure compliance and manage claims. HR programs are in place for communication of safety expectations, training, addressing safety concerns, incident reporting, investigations and return to work.  Employees attend regular safety meetings and trainings within their own work groups as well.  The safety of our employees is a #1 priority for the City of Wenatchee.  Our motto is “Every Employee Home Safe Every Night”.

The City of Wenatchee is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.  Our objective is to provide equal opportunity in all terms, conditions and privileges of employment for qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, marital status, disability, veteran or military status or any other characteristic protected by law.