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Ordinances and Resolutions

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Ordinances are formal written actions of the City Council and are the laws of the City. Ordinances are codified as the City of Wenatchee Code. The City Code is a collection of all the regulatory and penal ordinances and certain administrative ordinances of the City. Examples of the some of the ordinances not included in the City Code are: budget ordinances, rezones and other land use ordinances, annexations, and bond ordinances.

Both a resolution and an ordinance represent actions by the City Council which are binding until rescinded or amended. An ordinance will generally prescribe permanent rules of conduct or government, whereas a resolution will generally deal with matters of a special or temporary character. A resolution is typically an act that is less solemn or formal than an ordinance and generally is simply an expression of the opinion or mind of the official body.

Ordinances and Resolutions from the years 2011-present can be found on the city's Document Center.

Ordinances and Resolutions from the years 1892 - 2010 are located at the Washington State Digital Archives.