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Housing Needs Assessment & Market Demand Study

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The City of Wenatchee, working in collaboration with the City of East Wenatchee, Housing Authority of Chelan
County and the City of Wenatchee (CCWHA), Chelan County, Douglas County, The Women’s Resource Center,
and Build NCW, has requested an assessment of housing needs and housing market demand. This report
presents an analysis of trends with regards to population and household characteristics, employment growth,
housing supply and market production, and housing affordability in Wenatchee and surrounding communities.
It also assesses the extent to which current housing needs and demands are being met, with an emphasis on
four priority household types: Senior/disabled, workforce, farmworker, and those in need of permanent
supportive housing. Finally, the report offers recommendations for next steps in developing a strategy to
address identified housing challenges.

This study assesses housing needs and market demand within the Wenatchee Urban Area, which includes the
Cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee as well as parts of Rock Island and surrounding unincorporated lands.
Exhibit 1 shows the Wenatchee Urban Area boundary as well as city and urban growth area boundaries. In
many cases urban growth areas extend beyond the Wenatchee Urban Area boundary. Household
characteristics and growth trends described in this report describe activity inside the Wenatchee Urban Area
unless otherwise specified. Likewise, "Wenatchee" refers to the entire urban area unless otherwise specified.