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Tourism Promotion Area

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The local tourism promotion area imposes an assessment of One Dollar ($1.00) per room per day on lodging business, the proceeds of which are to be used for the sole purpose of tourism promotion.

The revenue from the tourism promotion area assessment shall be used as follows:

(a) The general promotion of tourism that benefits the lodging businesses and local tourism specified in the tourism promotion area business plan to be adopted annually;
(b) The marketing of convention and trade shows that benefit local lodging businesses and local tourism;
(c) The marketing of the tourism promotion area community to the travel industry in order to benefit the lodging businesses and local tourism; and
(d) The marketing of the tourism promotion area community to recruit sporting events in order to benefit the lodging businesses and local tourism.

The Tourism Promotion Area Advisory Committee advises the City Council on the expenditure of the tourism promotion area revenues to fund tourism promotion. The committee consists of four members who are operators or employees of lodging businesses within the tourism promotion area, two officials of the City of Wenatchee, and one member who is an operator or employee of a tourism related activity within the tourism promotion area.


APPLICATION:  Tourism Promotion Area Application for Funding (pdf)

These funds are intended to grow our tourism economy through increased visitor spending in Wenatchee lodging establishments as well as increased retail, restaurant, transportation, attraction and other local spending.

Eligible Expenditures
These funds are made available through the support of Wenatchee Lodging businesses. For every occupied room night, guests are assessed a small fee that is returned to Wenatchee. Pursuant to RCW 35.101 and Wenatchee Ordinance 2010-11, revenue collected from this assessment must be used for activities and expenditures designed to increase tourism promotion and convention business, including but not limited to out of the area advertising, publicizing, operating tourism destination marketing organizations or otherwise distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists to the Wenatchee Area.

Projects proposed may be awarded funding based upon:

1) A proven or qualified ability to generate hotel-motel room nights and economic impact to the City of Wenatchee;

2) Available TPA resources;

3) Alignment with the TPA business plan.

Approved projects must agree to:

1) Include the following information on print projects:

a. Our community’s tourism web site.
b. Our community’s brand logo.

2) Adhere to all legal requirements as stated in the RCW and City Ordinance.

3) Agree to provide a wrap-up report and samples of produced pieces to the TPA Commission upon completion.


1) A letter of agreement will be executed between the TPA and successful applicant.

2) Checks will be issued after a project is approved by the TPA commission and an invoice is provided to TPA.

3) Failure to comply with any of the criteria listed here may require full repayment of TPA funds from the awarded organization to the City.