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Investigations Division

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The Investigations Division includes a Sergeant, four detectives, and a narcotics officer. The Investigations Division is dedicated to providing complete investigations that bring suspects to justice for criminal activity. We provide the best service possible, and strive to protect victims' rights, and collaborate with local, state, federal and private agencies to solve cases and prosecute criminals.

Cases are referred to Investigations for follow-up from the Patrol Division and from various outside agencies, including Child Protective Service (CPS) referrals, Aging and Disability Services Administration elder abuse referrals, fraud alerts from the Internet Crimes Complaint Center and the National White Collar Crime Center.

The Investigations Bureau is divided into specialized areas, and each area works cooperatively. Major crimes, including homicide, suspicious death, kidnapping, robbery and arson, are handled by all of the detectives on an on-call basis. The specialized areas include:

  • Fraud – including forgery, UIBC, embezzlement, extortion, fraud and internet crimes
  • Property Crimes – including residential and commercial burglary and theft
  • Sexual Assault / Child Abuse and Neglect – including rape, sexual assault, physical or sexual crimes against children, child pornography & internet crime involving child seduction, and elder abuse
  • General Crimes – including major crime, missing persons, gambling and vice crime, and organized crime
  • Narcotics – This officer is assigned to the Columbia River Drug Task Force (CRDTF)

Gang crime, and the associated destructive graffiti, is primarily investigated by the department’s PROACT officers who are assigned to the Special Services Division. Detectives assigned to major crimes involving gangs work closely with these officers.

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