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Parking Enforcement

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The Wenatchee Police Department parking enforcement officer plays a vital role in ensuring that the available parking is used in the best interest of the community. Parking enforcement activities include enforcement of time zones, improper disabled fire, bus and loading zone parking, as well as abandoned and unlicensed vehicles.

The Downtown Business District has a mixture of 2-hour and 3-hour parking zones. It is clearly marked by signage within each block.

The primary objectives of parking enforcement are to:

  • Maximize the capacity of existing parking through increased turnover.
  • Encourage compliance with the City’s parking regulations.
  • Support the on-street parking system by equitable and consistent enforcement of the City’s parking regulations.
  • Promote traffic and pedestrian safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my parking ticket?
There are three ways to take care of a ticket and each option is outlined on the back of the ticket. You may select an option and return the ticket to the Wenatchee Police Department, located at 140 South Mission Street. The citation drop box, located in the lobby, is accessible 24 hours a day.

Who do I contact regarding how much I owe in parking fines?
Contact the Wenatchee Police Department: (509) 888-4210.

Does the City have a 24-hour parking ordinance?
Yes. Wenatchee City Ordinance 6B.06.040 states that all vehicles parked on City streets must be moved every 24 hours.

There is an abandoned vehicle parked on my street. What can I do to have it removed?
You can report the abandoned vehicle to Rivercom at (509) 663-9911. Please provide an address of the vehicle’s location, length of time the vehicle has been abandoned, as well as a full description of the vehicle, including make, model and license plate number. We would also like your name and phone number so that the officer who responds to your call can contact you if needed. Anonymous complaints are also accepted.

What happens when I report an abandoned vehicle?
An officer will be dispatched to the location to check for the vehicle. The tires of the vehicle will be chalked and a warning notice will be placed on the vehicle. The warning will notify the owner that they have 24 hours to remove the vehicle from the area.

Is alley parking allowed?
Parking is prohibited in alleys. Alleys provide access for emergency vehicles (fire, aid and police vehicles) and service vehicles (power, phone, cable and garbage). You may use the alley while actively loading or unloading your vehicle, but a driver must be in physical attendance of the vehicle at all times.

Is there a penalty for removing chalk marks from tires?
Yes, the fine is $50 for erasing such an identifying mark.

Is it permissible to park facing the wrong direction on City streets?
All vehicles must be parked in the same direction as traffic flow, and wheels must be within 12 inches of the curb, or in the case of a shoulder with no curb, as close as possible to the edge of the shoulder.

Is it permissible to stop or park in a bike or fire lane?
No, unless the vehicle is in the process of being loaded or unloaded and the driver is in physical attendance of the vehicle at all times.

How close to a stop sign, crosswalk, fire hydrant or corner may I stop or park?
A vehicle may not be stopped or parked closer than 30 feet from a stop sign, 20 feet from a crosswalk (marked or unmarked), 15 feet from a fire hydrant, or five feet from a driveway, alley entrance or cross street.

What do the curb paintings signify?
A yellow curb denotes prohibited parking. A red curb designates restricted parking that may only be used for loading and unloading, or other posted restrictions.

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