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Columbia River Drug Task Force

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The Wenatchee Police Department partners with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol to aggressively interdict illegal drug sales, distribution, and use within the Chelan County region. Each agency provides detectives and other resources to the Columbia River Drug Task Force, bringing a regional and unified approach. The Task Force works to improve the quality of life within the region by reducing the negative impact of drug-related activities and crimes through unified and professional enforcement. In addition to street-level enforcement, Task Force Detectives routinely partner with federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA to target illegal drug organizations operating throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Though production of methamphetamine locally has declined over the past few years, Columbia River Drug Task Force Detectives remain trained and ready to respond to and dismantle methamphetamine labs that pose a significant public health danger.

The Columbia River Drug Task Force was formed in 1991 and is funded by the participating agencies as well as through grant money from the state and federal government. The Chelan County Sheriffs Office currently operates as the lead agency, providing supervision and administration for the Task Force.

For more information regarding the Columbia River Drug Task Force, or to report drug-related information, please call:

The Columbia River Drug Task Force at (509) 664-2310.