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The Wenatchee Police Department has devoted resources to mitigating illegal gang activity since gangs first appeared in the Wenatchee Valley in 1992. The department’s Gang Unit is committed to aggressive interdiction and enforcement. 

The department currently features a gang unit supervised by a Sergeant. In addition, each patrol shift has an officer designated as the shift gang officer. All of our gang officers meet at least once each month to share intelligence, train and coordinate our efforts for effectively dealing with gang-related issues. In addition, our gang officers, in combination with other patrol officers, often conduct multi-officer gang interdiction and enforcement. 

Gang activity affects the entire community, and we encourage citizens and organizations to partner with the department to combat gang crime. For example, a City ordinance dictates that property owners are responsible for painting over gang-related graffiti on their property. However, at times, the department partners with citizen groups, schools, churches and other groups to paint over this graffiti.