School Resources Officer

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The Wenatchee Police Department currently features one school resource officer funded through a partnership with the Wenatchee School District and the City.

The role of a school resource officer includes the following:

  1. To actively support the overall safety of the staff and students within the school district. This includes providing a safe learning environment.
  2. To act as a law enforcement resource for school staff and students. This involves providing direction and assistance with school safety, personal safety, building security, and other legal matters.
  3. To be available to speak in the classrooms on relative topics such as illegal alcohol and drug use by minors, street gangs, safe internet use, and motor vehicle laws.
  4. To encourage compliance with school rules and criminal laws. This is accomplished through:
    • Prevention – To encourage rule compliance and discourage disorderly or illegal conduct by being visibly present at the schools.
    • Intervention – Intercepting questionable student behavior before it escalates to disruptive or criminal behavior.
    • Enforcement – Investigating criminal behavior and taking appropriate action, which can include making physical arrests.