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Reserve Unit

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Reserve Unit

The Reserve Unit of the Wenatchee Police Department is a force of citizens who have volunteered to train and work as commissioned police officers. To be considered for this program, applicants must be 21 years of age, a high school graduate, have no disqualifying criminal history, and possess a good driving record. Volunteers must then pass an entrance exam (oral board), a physical agility test, a polygraph examination, a psychological examination and a complete background investigation. If accepted as reserve officer candidates, these volunteers must attend six months of training. If these officer candidates attend all of the classes and pass the state-approved exams, these volunteers will be commissioned as reserve police officers.

Reserve officers are commissioned as 2nd-class officers and usually accompany regular officers or first-class reserve officers on patrol duty. Later in a reserve officer's career, with enough patrol time logged and enough years in uniform, a 2nd-class officer can request to go through the department’s patrol training officer program and become a 1st-class officer.

Reserve officers are required to attend all annual mandatory in-service trainings, and are required to work on patrol for at least eight hours per month. Reserve officers are also called upon to assist with many crime prevention education programs.

It takes a very special person to volunteer to wear a police officer uniform and put their life on the line - with no compensation. The department and staff appreciate these special citizens.

For additional information, the Reserve Program is supervised by Cpl. Seth Buhler who can be contacted at (509) 888-4290 or by e-mail at