City of Wenatchee buildings are closed to the public at this time. Please read the City Services Update for more information. The City of Wenatchee is working with local partners to provide accurate information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the public. If you have symptoms and reasons to believe your symptoms are connected to COVID-19, please call your healthcare provider. If you have any questions about what is happening in Washington and how the virus is spread, visit the Washington State Department of Health website at:

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Since the early 1920’s, a three-member elected City Commission had governed the City of Wenatchee. In May 1999 the citizens of Wenatchee voted to change from the Commission form of government to a Strong Mayor/Council form of government. The year 2000 was the first full year under this type of management. The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all policies, laws and ordinances enacted by the City Council are carried out. The Mayor sets the agenda for and presides over all City Council meetings.

The City Council is comprised of seven members, 5 elected in districts and 2 elected at large to represent the citizens of Wenatchee. The City Council regular meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 5:15 PM and work sessions are held the third Thursday of each month at 5:15 PM.  All meetings are held at Wenatchee City Hall, located at 301 Yakima Street, 3rd Floor, Wenatchee, WA 98801.  Work sessions are reserved for the education of the City Council members by either city staff or community organizations and no formal action is taken. The contact number for City Hall is (509) 888-6204.

The City of Wenatchee has many departments that carry out the business of the City. Following is a list, including descriptions and phone numbers. We hope this is helpful in understanding who to call for a particular project or problem.

Mayor’s Office
The Mayor’s Office includes the Mayor, Executive Services Director, City Clerk and Public Information Officer.

Serving as the highest elected official in the municipal government, the Mayor holds administrative authority, including veto power. As such, the Mayor provides the necessary leadership and direction to implement the goals and strategies of the City.

Wenatchee’s Mayor takes a proactive approach to representing our area to other local governments, regional organizations and federal and state representatives.

The Mayor and staff work with the City Council and City Department Directors to carry out the overall administration of the City. Staff works with department Directors to help the Mayor as Administrator for the City and carry out special projects as assigned by Mayor and Council. This office is the key point of contact for relationships with other agencies, and legislative work on both the state and national level. This department is the central point of contact for official city records, public records requests, receiving claims/complaints, managing applications for various citizen advisory boards and organizing City Council meetings. The office provides staff for the city’s Diversity Advisory Council. The office provides direct oversight of the Human Resources Department.

The Mayor’s office can be reached at (509) 888-6204.

Human Resource Department
The Human Resource Department is located in City Hall. It is the department to contact for job openings with the City of Wenatchee. Interested parties may submit a resume with work experience, education and job history, at any time. Job openings are advertised through the Wenatchee World News, El Mundo, Job Service and other networking contacts in order to notify all citizens when an opportunity exists.

The mission for the department is to attract and retain qualified employees, and to create a work environment, which promotes excellent service delivery to our customers and excellent work opportunities for employees.

Duties include:

• Recruiting, hiring, writing job descriptions and assisting with other staffing decisions.
• Administering performance evaluations, employee benefit and compensation programs.
• Negotiating labor contracts, overseeing disciplinary actions and employee recognition programs.
• Assisting all City personnel in creating fair workplace rules and maintaining good employee relations.
• Ensuring compliance with City personnel policies, labor contracts, and state and federal laws.

The Human Resource Department can be reached at (509) 888-6203.

Department of Community Development
The Department of Community Development handles current planning, long-range planning, building code, code compliance/enforcement and housing/CDBG programs.

Current Planning provides assistance to land owners wishing to build, divide or develop their land by interpreting land use code requirements and assisting with the various application processes. Additional responsibilities include short plats, major subdivisions, planned developments, conditional use permits, variance requests, general zoning information and flood plain determinations. Building Code ensures that construction meets structural, safety and energy standards outlined in state and local ordinances. All permits types are handled through this office. Code Enforcement ensures that when there are violations of city code that effect the health, safety and welfare of the community, that the responsible party brings the property into compliance. Housing / CDBG programs provide assistance to low and moderate income households with regard to housing rehabilitation, or through organizations that apply for city CDBG or Homeless funds to carry out projects that will benefit low to moderate income households.

The Department of Community Development can be reached at  (509) 888-3261. The Building Department is (509) 888-3262.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is charged with the responsibility of the administration, coordination, supervision and control of all financial, accounting, treasury, debt, purchasing and information service activities of the City. These functions are performed through a combination of interrelated activities including financial management, general accounting and customer services.

Financial management responsibilities include activities such as budget development and monitoring, treasury control and management of the City’s cash and investment portfolio, debt financing and management, and administration of the City’s risk management and self-insurance programs.

General accounting responsibilities include activities such as internal and external financial reporting, general ledger accounting, audit coordination, cash receipting, payroll processing, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Customer services are provided to the public directly and indirectly through support of other City departments. Direct contact with the public comes through annual local improvement district billings, utility billing and collection, business license issuance, and information services provided through the main switchboard and customer service counter.

The Finance Department can be reached at (509) 888-6200.

Public Works Department - Engineering, Water and Streets Divisions
The Department of Public Works consists of a Director of Operations and a Director of Engineering. The department designs, administers the construction of and maintains public utilities such as water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer. Public streets within the City are also designed and constructed through the department and approximately 95 miles are maintained with such operations as repair, cleaning and snow plowing. In addition, the department does long range planning in regard to traffic and capacity issues for our City streets.

The Public Works Department can be reached at (509) 888-3200, Streets at (509) 888-3275 and Water at (509) 888-3274. 

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services is responsible for providing management, instruction and programming of the City parks and swimming pool facilities as well as providing maintenance of fields, play equipment, shelters, bleachers, restrooms and staging areas. In addition City Parks staff is instrumental in the care of the Downtown Streetscape plantings, and entrances to the City. They work closely with the Chelan County Jail Crews to facilitate work projects around the City. They also work closely with many area agencies and organizations to assist many of the events around the community.

The Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department can be reached at (509) 888-3284.

Police Department
The Wenatchee Police Department is located at 135 South Chelan. The department employs approximately 50 people from record personnel and officers.

City of Wenatchee Police Department Vision Statement: "To be a recognized leader in public safety, providing quality service to our community."

City of Wenatchee Police Department Mission Statement: "We promote a safe community and quality of life through protection and service.”

City of Wenatchee Police Department Goals:

• Reduce Crime and the fear of crime
• Improve traffic safety
• Recruit and develop quality personnel
• Increase community partnerships
• Improve internal proficiency
• Increase use of technology

We are a service-oriented department, which maintains its focus on the highest professional standards. The department is open 24 hours a day, every day. We are here to serve you.

For emergencies, call 911. For all other business, call (509) 888-4200.

Legal Services
The City of Wenatchee utilizes the firm of Johnson, Gaukroger, Smith & Marchant, P.S. in the capacity of City Attorney. The firm represents the City in civil legal matters and provides legal advice on a variety of subjects. In addition, the firm prosecutes persons for violations of City ordinances and laws. They can be reached at (509) 663-0031.