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Hale Park Phase Two
In 2016 State and Federal grant applications to fund the second phase of the construction of the park were successful.  The grant contracts were issued in mid-2018.  Grindline Inc. was selected to design and construct the skate area.  Final design is underway with construction anticipated to be completed by mid Summer 2019.  Final engineering of the rest of the project will occur in the fall of 2019 with construction anticipated for 2020.  Construction will include the addition of a picnic shelter, restrooms, accessible play equipment, walkways and lighting, security cameras and additional landscaping.

Rotary Park Project
The Rotary Club is continuing their commitment to improving the community by implementing two projects in Rotary Park.  They are adding a new 900 square foot picnic shelter on the southern end of the park near the basketball court. Construction has been underway since July 16, 2018 and should be completed in 2019.  

Lincoln Park Projects
Due to age related issues the stage in Lincoln Park was removed in May 2016 and the picnic shelter was removed in May 2017.  A new 30' x 50' picnic shelter was installed in the park in 2018.  Also in 2018 the City was successful in applying for State and Federal grants to further renovate the park.  The grants are expected to be received by the end of 2019 when final engineering will be completed.  Construction of a new stage, restrooms, play area, splash pad, soccer field, bmx pump track, picnic shelter and other improvements would be constructed in 2020/21. 

Kiwanis Methow Park Project
The Trust for Public Land is leading an effort to renovate Kiwanis Methow Park.  The first phase of the renovation project is scheduled to be constructed in 2019.  Work will include adding restrooms, kiosk, accessibility improvements, landscaping, skate features and multi-use athletic areas. The existing picnic shelter is planned to be re-purposed to Hale Park.

Saddle Rock Remediation Project
The City is working with the Washington State Department of Ecology on a project that will remove the old mining waste rock piles, restore habitat and improve the main circulation trail on Saddle Rock.  This project will require the park area to be closed for periods of time.  Final engineering is getting underway.  Additional details will be available in the upcoming months as the project moves through the final engineering phase and into the construction phase.   

Cemetery Expansion Project                                                                                                                              Final engineering is underway to complete an expansion of available plots on the south side of the Cemetery.  This project will also improve an existing gravel access road in the Cemetery.  The project is scheduled for construction in 2019.

Chase Park Renovation                                                                                                                                        The long awaited Chase Park project is scheduled to be constructed in 2019.  The project will replace the remnants of the play area, add an accessible route of travel to the play area and also add an ADA picnic table to the park.   

Kenzie's Landing Project                                                                                                                                                                The Kenzie's Landing Project is an acquisition and development project that will acquire properties for non-motorized trail use and habitat in the foothills.  The majority of the project will be funded through State grants that were applied for in 2018.  Development features will include the addition of a trailhead with limited parking, restrooms, access road, water and picnic shelter.  The acquisition phase is anticipated to be complete in 2019 with development to follow in 2020/2021.