Public Records Requests

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The City Clerk is designated as the public records officer for the City of Wenatchee. The City Clerk shall be the person to whom members of the public many direct requests for disclosure of public records of the City of Wenatchee and who will oversee the City of Wenatchee’s compliance with the public records disclosure requirements of the public disclosure laws of the State of Washington as now or hereafter amended (See RCW 42.56 and Wenatchee City Code Chapter 1.90 Requests for Public Records).

The City has implemented a new online Public Records Request Portal to make the request process more efficient. To get started with your online request simply access the online Public Records Request Portal, create your account, and submit your request.  *** (PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED FEE SCHEDULE BELOW).***


Requesters may also submit a request on the City of Wenatchee’s Public Records Request form (PDF), by mail, fax or email to:

To the City Clerk’s Office at:
City Clerk
129 South Chelan
P.O. Box 519
Wenatchee, WA 98807-0519
Phone: (509) 888-6204
Fax: (509) 888-3636

To the Wenatchee Police Department at:
Wenatchee Police Department
Attn: Records
140 South Mission
P.O. Box 519
Wenatchee, WA 98807-0519
Phone: (509) 888-4200
Fax: (509) 888-4219

City of Wenatchee Public Records Request Policy (PDF)

Within five business days after receiving a request, the City must either:
1. Provide the record(s);
2. Acknowledge the request and provide a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to fully respond to the request (and if the request is not clear, the City may ask for clarification of the request).
3. Deny the request in writing, with reasons for the denial (this could also include a partial denial of the request). The City must provide the specific exemption or other law it relies on for the denial.

Pursuant to Wenatchee City Code Chapter 1.99.070:

(1) The city shall charge the following fees for copies of public records or use of city equipment to make copies:

Type of Record/Delivery


Standard sized (8 1/2 x 11) black and white paper copies of public records maintained on paper or maintained electronically and printed on paper

$0.15 per page (each side is one page)

Standard sized (8 1/2 x 11) color paper copies of public records maintained on paper or maintained electronically and printed on paper

$0.15 per page (each side is one page)

Scanned paper records

$0.10 per page (each side is one page)

Nonstandard copies (oversized copies, photographs, and similar types of records)

Actual cost

Records copied by an outside vendor. An outside vendor may be used due to volume, current workload of city staff, unique nature of the request, or any other reason

Actual cost

Electronic files or attachments uploaded to email, cloud-based data storage service, or other means of electronic delivery

$0.05 per each four files or attachments

Transmission of records in an electronic format

$0.10 per gigabyte

Container, packaging materials, or envelope used to mail copies

Actual cost

Digital storage media or device (DVD, CD, thumb drive, flash drive, and other similar items)

Actual cost

Postage or delivery charge

Actual cost

Use of information technology expertise to prepare data compilations, or to provide customized electronic access services

Actual cost

(2) Combined Fees. The fees in subsection (1) of this section may be combined to the extent that more than one type of fee applies to copies provided in response to a particular public record request.

(3) Deposit. Prior to making any copies, the city may require a deposit in an amount not to exceed 10 percent of the estimated fee for providing copies of the public records to the requester.

(4) Advance Payment of Fees. The city may require payment of any or all fees prior to providing the copies of the public records to the requester.

(5) Waiver of Fees. The city’s public records officer may waive any or all fees for a requester when the total estimated fees for copies of public records for a particular public record request are $5.00 or less.