Survey - Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste

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THANK YOU for taking the time to provide feedback on services for Wenatchee trash, recycling and yard waste.

In partnership with a consultant, the City of Wenatchee has a steering committee to review survey responses and local data to provide the City Council with service recommendations as they look at updating the Waste Management contract in 2020.

Please take the survey(s) that apply to you. (YES! If you're a resident and business owner/operator, take both.)


Here is some information to help make the survey as easy as possible:

1. Definitions:

  • "Collection" refers to curb-side service
  • "Drop-Off" is when a resident or business owner brings items to a facility on their own
  • "Yard Waste" includes items such as leaves, hedge/tree/garden trimmings or branches, house or garden plants, brush, lawn edging and grass clippings
  • "Recycle Waste" includes CLEAN items such as aluminum or tin cans, newspapers, magazines, corrugated, paper,  cardboard, glass and plastic bottles/jars/jugs.
  • "Trash Waste" includes household garbage, food scraps, soiled items and non-recyclable plastics
  • "Transfer Station" is a drop-off location for items except paint, sharp containers or hazardous waste
  • "Big Belly Trash Compactor" is a can used in public locations that can provide 50-150 compacted gallons

2. Can Sizes - Wenatchee residents currently have a 96 gallon. There are alternative sizes such as those below.