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New Customers

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The City requires customers present a valid United States issued form of identification when applying for utility services.  If you are a tenant applying for service, a lease is also required.  The City must also have a Landlord Authorization Form signed and on file.

A new account is set up any time a different responsible party resides in or manages a service address.  A new account set up fee of $10 will be billed to the account and appear on the first utility bill.  This fee is nonrefundable.

To apply for service, a customer should go to City Hall Utility Customer Service located at 301 Yakima Street, 3rd Floor.  If unable to apply for service in person, customers may also apply by email. To do so, please call or email us at  The account is not set up until a completed application is provided, including photo identification and a completed and signed form. 

The City may require a utility deposit equal to 2 average utility bills if the account is consistently delinquent and/or in the case of bankruptcy.  The deposit will be applied to the customer’s account after 12 months of good payment history from the time the deposit is receipted. If the customer closes the account before this time, the deposit will be applied to the closing bill and any excess will be refunded.

The City offers a senior/disabled low income discount for qualifying utility customers.  For more information about the program, please call Utility Customer Service or read about the requirements in the City's Code. Senior/Disabled Information.

Landlord Information
As a landlord, you are ultimately responsible for the utility bill associated with your rental property. The utility bill will be mailed to you unless you complete a Utility Owner Authorization Form, which authorizes the City to bill your tenant directly. LL auth form However, you are still responsible for the amount due in the event your tenant does not pay the bill. Landlords or authorized property managers receive a disconnect notice if/when the bill is past due.

It is City policy not to disconnect water when the tenant moves out. Water will only be disconnected upon authorization from the property owner or an authorized property manager.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Utility Customer Service at (509) 888-3600 option 1.